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Setup Cloud Remote Desktop on my iPhone/iPad (2008R2 Platform) [Released pre-2016]

1. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop App

First we will download the application used to connect to the cloud. It is called Microsoft Remote Desktop App.

1.1. Tap on the App Store

Tap on the App Store

1.2. Find & Download the App

Find & Download the App

Inside the App Store, do the following:

  1. Click on the Search Box in the top right hand corner
  2. Enter text to search for "microsoft remote desktop"
  3. Buy and Download the App (it's free)

2. Create a new Cloud Remote Desktop Connection

2.1. Add new connection

Add new connection
  1. Click on + in the top right hand corner
  2. Choose Add PC or Server

2.2. Tap PC Name

Tap PC Name

2.3. Enter the Host Name

Enter the Host Name
  1. Enter your hostname. For my example, I am using (yours might be different, see explanation just below)
  2. Tap on Done

You should use the hostname that belongs to your company. Essentially you just need to change the first four letters (cbtr) to match your company name. Examples include:


2.4. Tap Settings

Tap Settings

Don't click on Save just yet. 90% of problems arise from just saving the connection here and then being lost.

Tap Settings.

2.5. Tap Gateway

Tap Gateway

2.6. Tap Add Remote Desktop Gateway

Tap Add Remote Desktop Gateway

2.7. Tap Server Name

Tap Server Name

2.8. Enter Gateway

Enter Gateway
  1. Enter; this is the same for all customers.
  2. Tap Done

2.9. Save Gateway

Save Gateway

The part where people go wrong is forgettiing to click Save on this screen.

If you have clicked on Gateway instead on this window, you will need to go back to Tap Gateway step and redo steps from there onwards.

2.10. Check Gateway

Check Gateway
  1. At this point you should ensure that the gateway is filled correctly as per above.
  2. Then click on "< Create Connection" to go back to previous screen.

2.11. Save Remote Desktop connection

Save Remote Desktop connection

Lastly and most importantly click on Save

3. Connect Remote Desktop for the first time

Connect Remote Desktop for the first time

You should now be able to see your connection in the connection list. Tap on the connection.

3.1. Enter your credentials

Enter your credentials

Your credentials will be in the form of PITC\ followed by your company code (in my case cbtr) followed by your First Initial followed by your Last Name in its entirety. Examples include:

  • PITC\pit.afilipovic
  • PITC\trpt.dlynn

So in this section you need to:

  1. Enter your User Name
  2. Enter your Password
  3. [Optional] Tap Store user name and password so it is saved. If you do this though and someone gets a hold of your iPad, they'll be able to get into your MYOB, CrossCheck, SAM or whatever else you have in your cloud. I would advise against saving credentials.
  4. Tap Done

3.2. Trust the identity of the computer

Trust the identity of the computer
  1. Tap the option to "Don't ask me for connections to this computer"
  2. Tap Connect

3.3. Success


And if you see the above screen you are logging on correctly.


4. Feedback

If you struggled with any part of this guide please let me know with some comments below.


Amer Filipovic


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