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Setup Cloud Remote Desktop on my PC (2008R2 Platform) [Released pre-2016]

1. Open Remote Desktop Client

Open Remote Desktop Client

First we need to open the application used to connect to the cloud:

  1. Click on Start
  2. In Run box type mstsc
  3. Press ENTER

2. Configure Options

2.1. Set the Computer name

Set the Computer name
  1. Under General tab
  2. Enter Computer Name. Your computer name will consist of your 4 letter company code (eg TRPT), followed by In my case it would be
  3. Enter User name. Your user name will consist of PITC\ followed by 4-letter company code (eg TRPT) followed by a dot . followed by your First Initial followed by your Last Name in its entirety. For me it can be something like: PITC\trpt.afilipovic.

2.2. Set Display Settings

Set Display Settings
  1. Click on Display tab
  2. Set the Display configuration to Full Screen
  3. Set the colour depth to High Colour (16 bit)

2.3. Set Experience Settings

Set Experience Settings
  1. Click on Experience tab
  2. Choose connection speed: Low-Broadband
  3. Tick Font Smoothing

2.4. Set Advanced Settings

Set Advanced Settings
  1. Click on Advanced tab
  2. Click on Settings

2.5. Set Gateway

Set Gateway
  1. Click on the option to set RD Gateway Server settings
  2. Enter under Server Name
  3. Click Ok

2.6. Save Settings

Save Settings

We haven't saved our connection yet, so let's do that now:

  1. Click on General tab again
  2. Click on Save As

2.7. Name the connection

Name the connection
  1. Choose Desktop as the location where to save
  2. Name the connection Remote Desktop
  3. Click on Save

3. Feedback


You are done. You should be able to double click on the icon and get access to your cloud platform.

If you struggled with any part of this guide, please let me know by leaving a comment below.


Amer Filipovic


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