Cloud QuickStart

Good morning!

If you haven't had a coffee - please go and have one now - you are going to be logging into your new cloud system.

Important to remember: Like with any upgrade things will be different, but that's why we are here: to make sure your transition is as smooth as possible. At the end of this document is a "Niggly Issues Sheet" which you should use to write down anything of concern, anything that you believe is missing, or any little errors that pop up. By collating it on the sheet we can go through them much quicker before the day's end. Of course if it's a show stopper, give us a yell.

1. Logon to any computer with default cloud Username

Once the migration is complete all desktop computers will be identical. You will need to logon as the cloud user.

  1. Enter Username: .\cloud  [the dot slash before the username is important. Note it's a back slash .\ not a forward slash /.]
  2. Enter Password: cloud

2. Launch your Cloud Connection

Launch your Cloud Connection

Your cloud connection is just one icon called AEHO Remote Desktop. Once you launch this icon, you will be connected to the virtual desktop in the cloud.

3. IF this window pops up - dismiss the warning, IF not jump to next step

IF this window pops up - dismiss the warning, IF not jump to next step

If you get prompted with publisher warning as in screenshot above, then:

  1. Click on "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer".
  2. Click on Connect

4. Enter your username and password

Enter your username and password

Enter your details:

  1. Username as per your "Travel To The Cloud" card. For me it would be PITC\aeho.afilipovic
  2. Your initial password is on your TravelToTheCloud.Com cad. Initially please do not change this password. In the next few days you will be given a procedure for changing password.
  3. Leave the "Remember my credentials" UNTICKED for security reasons.

5. Quick Note: Open Outlook and pin it to Start Menu

Quick Note: Open Outlook and pin it to Start Menu

Click on the Windows button and start typing "outlook". You will see the program has been found and is listed on the right. Click on it to open.

Once Outlook is open you will find it in the task bar at the bottom. RIght click on it and choose "Pin this program to taskbar".

You can repeat this process for anything else you frequently use.

6. Quick Note: Open FileZilla

Quick Note: Open FileZilla

Open FileZilla (as above you click on the Windows Button and just start typing "Filezilla". If you use it frequently, you should also "Pin it to your taskbar" as above.)

Enter in the quick connect bar at the top of the screen:

  1. Host is
  2. Username: you should know what this is for FileZilla. It is NOT the same as your new Cloud username/password. If unsure check with management.
  3. Password: you should know this - if unsure check with Management.
  4. Port should be 21
  5. Click on QuickConnect


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