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Accessing Emails from my Phone (iPhone Mail App)

Your emails are hosted by Microsoft as part of the Office 365 service. This makes it really easy to access your emails from any device.

Many people choose to use the Mail app included in iOS. Some integration features are only available via the native Mail app.

1. Add your Exchange account

Depending on the version of iOS that you are using, the location to add your email might be in different menus. Try one of the following:

  • Tap Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account > Microsoft Exchange
  • Tap Settings > Password & Accounts > Add Account > Microsoft Exchange

2. Enter your Email Address

  1. Enter your Email address and an optional short description (You may wish to call it something like "Work emails")
  2. Tap Next

3. Configure Automatically

When presented with the following screen, ensure you select Sign In - the server will automatically populate all of the necessary details into your phone

Next, you'll be taken to a Microsoft sign-in page. You'll need to enter your email password into this screen, and complete any MFA requirements at this stage.

4. Approve Access Permissions

Ensure that all of the categories are ticked to make full use of the features that Office365 provide.

Ensure that you complete the process by tapping 'Save' at the top right.


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