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Setup Cloud Remote Desktop on my Mac Computer

This guide will assist you set up Cloud Remote Desktop on your home Apple Mac computer, but the process is almost identical for setting up access from your iPhone or iPad.

1. Download the App

Accessing your work Cloud environment is a really easy process. There is an app you will have to download, and some easy information to input - then you'll be working in no time.

1.1 Open the App Store

The app store is usually located on the bottom right of your dock. It looks like a white "A" inside a blue circle.

1.2 Search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop"

Using the search bar at the top-left of the App store, search for the app.

1.3 Download the App

The correct app will look like a white circle with an orange background, and two orange arrows in the middle. You can start downloading the app by clicking the download icon as shown below.

You will be required to enter your iCloud credentials at this point. 99% of the time we will not hold these credentials - they are personal accounts which should be managed by you. You are welcome to try recovering your iCloud password if you do not know it:

2. Configure the App

2.1 Open the App

2.1 Add a workspace (or feed)

  1. Change the top tab from "PC's" to "Workspaces" - NOTE that some versions of remote desktop call this a "feed"
  2. Select "Add Workspace" or "Add Feed"

2.2 Enter the correct workspace URL

Your company may be using one of three different Cloud architectures that we provide. If we point you to this guide, we will advise you which workspace URL to use.

If you are visiting this guide on your own intuition, try adding each of the below URL's in order. The correct workspace URL will provide you with a screen that contains an icon that looks like a blue computer screen.


Once the app finds the associates workspace, click "Add" at the bottom right.

2.3 Sign in with your Credentials

You will need to enter your account details which should have been provided to you when you first started with your company.

  1. Enter your username. In most cases, your user name is your email address. If your Cloud account is not tied to a specific email address, you will need to sign in using your legacy username.
    You may have been provided with a legacy username that looks something like this: PITC\drga.jsmith
    If not, you will need to contact us to find this out.
  2. Enter your password. This password is synchronised with the Cloud and Email services, so you should use the same username and password as you would use when signing in to the Cloud from the office, or the same password you would use to sign in to your emails.
  3. Click on "Continue"

3. Visit the Cloud

You should now be presented with a screen that contains an icon that looks like a blue computer screen. This is what you will be presented with each time you launch the application. You do not need to enter the workspace URL each time.

Note: if you don't see any content on this screen, you have used the wrong workspace URL. Try one of the other URL's on step 2.2

TIP: Pin your Microsoft Remote Desktop app to the dock so that you can open the app with ease next time you need to work from this device.

  1. Right click on the Microsoft Remote Desktop app icon located in the bottom right side of the dock (If nothing happens, try clicking the icon with TWO FINGERS)
  2. Hover the mouse cursor over "Options" and select "Keep in Dock"

The next step is as easy as double clicking the blue-screen-looking icon.

You will then be prompted for your credentials once again, after which you will be transported into your work Cloud environment with all of your software and documents exactly where you left them!


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