Changing my Cloud Password

Cloud passwords are required to be changed once every 365 days. This is a security measure to ensure any credentials that may find themselves leaked onto the internet are not valid years into the future.

We will send you reminders 7 days before the password finally expires. Ensure you action this before time is up, or you will need to contact our helpdesk to proceed.

1. Sign in to the Cloud

If you are unable to sign in to the Cloud using your normal credentials, your password may have already expired. Contact our helpdesk to proceed.

2. Press the keyboard combination: Ctrl + Alt + END

NOTE: This is different to Ctrl + Alt + DEL

The location of the keys may change depending on which keyboard you use. The standard layout is as follows:

Laptop manufacturers tend to get creative with where they place their "End" key due to the limited space available to them. You may need to search elsewhere, for example it may be placed under one of the keys on the top of the keyboard.

The Apple Mac keyboard design is different. You should be able to achieve the same results by pressing: fn + Control + Option + Backspace

3. Choose "Change a password"

You will be presented with a list of actions, one of which being to "Change a password" - select this one


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