Signing Out of the Cloud

When you want to finish up working for the day, there are two options to leave the Cloud environment - you can DISCONNECT or you can SIGN OUT.

Disconnecting will leave all of your programs and documents open exactly as you left them, but you just won't be able to see them anymore. When you sign back in to the Cloud it will be like you never left.

Signing out is akin to "shutting down" your computer. It will close all of your files and programs. When you sign back in to the Cloud it will be a fresh start.

Often times we will ask you to perform a "sign out" as either a troubleshooting step or as a necessary final step to apply changes to your profile. There are a couple of different ways to perform a sign out depending on which version of the Cloud you are working on, but this method should work on all versions.

1. RIGHT click on the Start menu

2. Hover your mouse cursor over "Shut down or sign out"

3. Click on "Sign out"

DISCLAIMER: Signing out will close your open documents. Please ensure you have saved and closed all necessary spreadsheets, letters, and databases before commencing. 


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